Baaa! - 15/3/2016

Welcome to the first edition of our weekly Baaa! newsletter, reborn into this new form after a long hiatus. We'll be sending these out every week after our meeting, and in it we'll include signup forms for the upcoming trip, a reminder of what you missed if you couldn't make it to the meeting, and a specially chosen trip report by one of your favourite tramping buddies. We'll use this to keep you informed of our [mis]adventures, and to keep you apprised of everything you wanted to know (and probably a whole lot you didn't) about VUWTC.

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Happy Tramping,

The VUWTC Committee

In Case You Missed It!

In true Tramping Club fashion the meeting kicked off amidst a flurry of smooth jazz. Our President Dom came in to make a few snide remarks about smooth jazz and talk about fitness grading which you can find out more about on our slightly old website, a link to which you will find at the bottom of the form. He then went on to plug his weekend trip to North Ohau Hut on Sunday and got slightly enthusiastic about spiders. There was, as usual, varying degrees of presentation quality ranging from our Climbing Officer Morgan who talked while Simon frantically googled images behind him to Simon himself who had a slide show on TrampsTrampsTramps worthy of a Professor still in their 20s. 

At this point I am not even sure what happened and I do not know if I want to try and explain. In an attempt at getting people excited for the annual TrampsTrampsTramps party on Saturday night, Alex instigated a rather misguided and very disturbing catwalk about which I shall say no more. 


Another year, another Freshers. Our annual beginning of the year saw around 100 people make their way into the bush for a weekend of yarns, light partying and socialising. After a brisk walk in, we got down to the real business; swimming, partying, and teaching freshers the joys of tramping club. Needless to say, good times were had by all.
The next day however, good times were certainly not had by all. A combination of overindulgence, a hot Sunday, and late nights ensured that at least a few individuals suffered on the grueling climb up to Gentle Annie track. But at least that was followed by a gentle walk down to the waiting buses. Everyone got back to Welington safe and sound after an enjoyable trip.

Coming Up this week

This weekend we have two trips going away. The first and largest of which is Rockcraft. Rockcraft this Saturday is a great introduction to climbing or to meet other climbers.It is a day trip out to Bearing Head on Saturday for boldering, a little bit of abseiling and we may even set up some top ropes. The cost will be less than $10 (just splitting fuel cost) and it is a great time. As a special treat we may even bring out some trad gear. We will be leaving uni from the Hunter carpark at around 9:00am and will be getting back in the afternoon. To sign up for this hit the button below.
The other trip we have going away this weekend is on Sunday. For those survivors of TrampsTrampsTramps on Sunday join Dom in ticking off one of the five remaining huts in the Tararuas that he as yet to bag. North Ohau Hut, which is a lovely wee hut and not very well visited is only accessible by a river walk so warm clothes will be required but we would rate it about a EM fitness trip so not too strenuous.
Finally, what you have all been waiting for. Tramps. Tramps. Tramps. This weekend it is time to get proper trollied at our annual house party. Dress as any interpretation of the word tramp, from trampers, to the homeless, to Lady and the Tramp. If you didn't make it to the meeting and want to know where this then you had better track down one of your tramping buddies who was attended the meeting or failing that give our Social Officer Simon an email and try bribe him into telling you.
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