How does it work?

All of our tramping trips are given a fitness grading, this allows us to indicate what to expect from a given trip. This allows us to allocate members based on their tramping experience into groups of people with similar abilities and fitness.

Trip Fitness Grading

E -Easy

  • Walk for four hours per day
  • Have rests every half hour or so
  • Pace is very easy with long stops

ME - Medium Easy

  • Walk for five hours per day
  • Have rests every half hour or so
  • Pace is easy with long stops can climb a single hill over 1000m


  • Can walk for six hours per day
  • Have rests every hour or so
  • Pace is reasonable
  • Rests are short
  • Can climb a single hill over 1000m


  • Walk for up to 7 hours per day
  • Have rests occasionally
  • Pace is moderately quick
  • Rests are short


  • Can walk for >7 hrs per day (forever)
  • Pace is quick
  • Rests, if any are short
  • Climb multiple hills over 1000m


  1. No experience - has gone on short day trips, is looking to get into tramping and learn more skills.
  2. Beginner - has gone on day trips and the occasional single-night trip but little tramping experience, no/few bushcraft skills.
  3. Intermediate - has gone on multi-night trips, some leadership skills, basic first aid knowledge, some bushcraft skills.
  4. Experienced - has gone on many multi-night trips and led the occasional trip, has strong bush craft and leadership experience, and high levels of first-aid.
  5. Highly Experienced - has gone on and led many multi-night trips, excellent physical condition, very strong bushcraft, all-terrain, and leadership skills, and in-depth first-aid knowledge in potentially serious situations. 

Still Confused?

If you are unsure about your experience/fitness, then either discuss this with the Chief Guide or the trip organiser. 
Remember - The best way to improve tramping experience & fitness is to go tramping !!!!!