Baaa! - 5/4/2016

Hello Trampers, as I am sure you all noticed we didn't have a Baaaa! go out last week. This was because out meeting was held during the rather odd uni holiday over Easter. Last weeks meeting was held at our back up club house the Welsh Dragon Bar. This means there is a slight lack to internet and a rather increase in distraction (beer). But we are back this week with all sorts of shenanigans to report. Walkies has started up again with a passion and rather than writing a trip report we have a delightful poem from Abi. So read up!

See you in the bush!

The VUWTC Committee

In Case You Missed It!

This slightly disorganised meeting (apologies) was preceded with a rather delightful video of a train journey. I don't know about the rest of you but I really enjoyed it. Simon and Vil nattered on about various things. Achim gave us all a reminder about the gear box that is present at all meetings for ease of returning club gear. This week was a week that also featured one of the dreaded committee meeting. Hopefully this was not reflected in the meeting from the slightly terse committee members.

Dom our delightful el presidente is a bit obsessed with beard, and has sported many a majestical one of his own. So naturally he is a huge fan of the Australian band known as The Beards. They have a farewell conceit coming. BE THERE! He was very adamant about this fact so keep your ear out for more info on that.

Walking what we done did

Getting to Dorset Ridge over Easter

Seven of us decided to do a four day trip. This was changed to a 3 day trip because Dom forgot that shops are closed on Good Friday.
On Saturday we strolled to Mitre Flats Hut on Saturday and chilled there for the afternoon table traversing, swimming and playing cards. On Sunday we climbed up and over Mitre peak and got very windswept before continuing on in the cloud over Brockett, GirdleStone and down Dorset Ridge. We came very close to getting slightly too lost late that afternoon in the search for Dorset Ridge Hut but managed to follow a sparse trail of cairns to the hut in low visibility.
On Monday we walked down to Dorset Creek and up to South King with an ever slowing pace. Then back to the road end via Baldy and getting back to Wellington around 3am. Stoked.
Climbing Over Easter near Takaka

Nestled in the gorgeous bay which is golden. Really, it is called Golden Bay. Is a slightly hippie town called Takaka. Near this town some people ventured. The purpose of this trip was mainly climbing, based from the Hang Dog campsite. As well as climbing there was also some caving, starting with a 180m abseil down into Harwoods Hole. It turns out trampers shouldn't go caving. The cave, it turns out, was actually managed with not too much difficulty. The challenge came upon exiting the cave. This was where wasps and other difficulties arose. Rob, Josh and the team faced a 7 hour bush bash (ft wasps) in the dark, which I hear was fun. Just as they were considering calling it a night and setting up camp they made it back to the track. This was rather fortunate timing as it was just in time to stop cave rescue who were about to head in after them. All in all I think everyone was pretty stoked with the trip.
An Ode to old wet boots
Sit down, you've gone far enough today
& the shadows grow long as the sun starts to wane
Undo your laces, hang your socks up to stay
Just look now, wet boots in the sunset
24 hours, they never complain
They could walk all night then do it again
But we'll take a break, watch the day wane
( & I think they like it) wet boots in the sunset
Tomorrow its Breathe In & Breathe Out
All day its Step Up, its Fall Down
But right now Give In and Come Round
& they look so good, wet boots in the sunset
Out here where there's no fences or cars
No sidewalks or cities, just stars
To think a bit of old leather could take me so far
Just me old wet boots and a sunset
Thank all for wet boots in the sunset
To all bedraggled and beloved boots 💗

Coming Up this week

BushCraft is happening this weekend! And it the only trip you need It is a great trip for anyone new to tramping or old to tramping. Basically anyone who likes walking in the bush and would like to know how to do so safely. We cover bush skills from navigating with a map and compass to how, and when it is safe to, make river crossing and general other skills.
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