Baaa! - 19/4/2016

Another successful week has gone by with more trips completed safely and more beards appreciated with music. Led by Luke, the meeting went fabulously. A lot happened, and a lot is happening this weekend/week. Read below to find out more.

Looking forward to seeing you again next Tuesday,

The VUWTC Committee

In Case You Missed It!

Our beautiful blonde secretary Luke kicked off the meeting a record 13 minutes past seven (punctuality is an inherent quality of the club). Because of laziness the presentation was a preset consulting slideshow from Google Slides, with words crossed out and VUWTC written underneath. There was some latin.

Max talked lengthily about the trip to Jumbo Hut over last weekend. It looked like a good time. Cold.

Dom was volunteered to talk about the club's social celebration of beards last Friday. In regular fashion he passed on responsibility to Simon, who gave no justice to the fantastic performance by the Beards, a novelty group that sings solely about Beards (if you've been to a meeting over the past two weeks you will have been introduced to them, Dom has been talking about them for ages).

Vil introduced the new cone website thing

Morgan told people about Rockcraft 2, at Kawakawa Bay.

Simon came up and showed us all what we should be doing on Thursday (VUWWF)

"Alex gets sexier" Nothing happened with that it was just on one of the slides.

The season after Autumn is imminent, and so Luke ran a competition where two unfortunate volunteer had to soak their hands in icy water then put on boots. One had gloves, the other didn't. One had warm boots, the other had boots that had been left in icy water overnight. The second was meant to lose. They didn't...

Josh suggested a trip on the White Cliffs Walk in Taranaki, with BBQ promised. Then Taranaki climb too. No-one was keen.

Andrew wants a name for the thing between his legs. The name for his 1700km biking tour is now: ok we couldn't reach a decision, it goes unnamed.

Some younger students are doing a tramp for the Duke of Edinburgh award and need a responsible adult. If you're an adult (even if you don't think you are, being in the club means you are), then let them know ASAP because their trip is tomorrow...

If you've never summited a mountain, then now's your chance! Von is leading a trip with plans to get to the peaks of Ruapehu, Ngauraghoe, and Tongariro.

So much happened...

Last Weekends Adventures

Jumbo Trip:

The group walked up to Jumbo Hut on the first day, about 4.5 hours, the last two hours of which were a steady, hellish uphill. The hut was packed with different groups, luckily we arrived early to grab the good beds. We went up Jumbo hill to watch the sunset, which was beautiful despite a lot of cloud cover. Gale force winds picked up overnight and we battled for 2 hours up and along the ridge to Mt Holdsworth. 

Views from the top were good but intermittent but as Max said "we felt high". After that was the long awaited "it's all downhill today". Until the stairs started. When that hell ended there was a more gentle downhill and we arrived at the carpark in good time. We were hoping to walk along the ridge to an airplane crash but couldn't due to the wind. Overall good weekend. 

Mt Matthews Day Trip:

Achim led a trip up to Mt Matthews in the Rimutaka Ranges. Some things went well, others not so. Here's what he had to say:

"Our tramp up Mt Matthews was a great success, as the weather was beautiful, and the bushes on top of Matthews were cut, so we had easy and beautiful views of the Kaikouras and Cape Palliser. Sadly when we came back to the car at about 8PM, we found the bonnet open and the battery stolen - not mentioning the driver's side window and another small one smashed."

What happened sucked. Hopefully it doesn't happen again, but remember to park securely (or as securely as you can).

Coming Up this week

Von's leading a trip to the Ruapehu area for a few days. If you're keen on good views without having to carry a heavy pack then this is the trip for you. Hoping to summit all three of Ruapehu, Tongariro and Ngauruhoe, it'll be a great trip. Leaving Sunday afternoon/evening and returning on Tuesday evening/night.
Cancel your life, you're coming climbing! Rockcraft 2 is happening this weekend at the lovely Kawakawa bay so come along and have some good quality fun on the cliffs. No experience needed, but enthusiasm will do nicely. Friday 22nd to Monday 25th.
Walkfest is back and just as walky as ever!
This week join us as we explore the wilderness that is Mt Victoria! We'll be going to lookouts, an observatory, an abandoned hospital, and definitely not going into Government House grounds like last time we did this route. Bring yourselves, some warm clothes, a head torch, some hydration fluids (alcoholic or non-alcoholic according to tastes or lack thereof), and yourselves and lets get exploring! 

Josh hopes to do the White Cliffs Walk in Taranaki, followed by a BBQ then summiting Mt Taranaki the next day.
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