Baaa! - 17/5/2016

Hello one and all. If you have been feeling a bit dry lately and would like to moisten up a little then this weekend is the one for you. Rain looks to be coming in strong this weekend but don't let that discourage you. After all with the Tararuas as our local stomping ground here in the VUWTC we should be pretty used to a bit of bracing dampness in the air. Even if it is extremely bracing.
See you in the drying room
The VUWTC Committee

In Case You Missed It!

As Rob so eloquently pointed out "Some of you may have noticed its getting colder". And he was not wrong. Not only is it getting colder but also people have noticed it. This quite exciting phenomenon means that autumn is drawing to a close and winter is raring its frozen snow leopard head. This means the reason the club exists is coming closer. That is midwinter for those not in the know. Midwinter is the trip (or trips) that take place over the between trimester break. They involve going to the South Island for a week and  having an awesome time in some snow. You should all come! But if you want to come then you must have come on AIC which is our Alpine Instruction Course that we run every year. The main point of this course is to teach everyone how to use specialist gear such as crampons and ice axes. These are skills required for safe travel on snow and are also hella fun. AIC is a great time, we stay on Ruapehu in the TTC Lodge and shenanigans ensue.. 

Here is a link to a fantastic video made by Morgan our Climbing officer on last years AIC. Check it out.

Last Weekends Adventures

As I am sure you all know this weekend hosted Bushball. Between Patrick and Alex we have mostly intact memories of this fantastic event. A team effort on the generator resulted in it making it in to Smith Creek Shelter without anyone being in agony. Which was a nice change.

The majority of the party crew arrived at about 6:30 with the late party not arriving at the road end until the same time. There were great times, sick beats, and mad costumes. And as always we ended up carrying out heaps of fuel because we brought way too much. Mad rep to Dom who soloed the lion share of the generator on the way out because he is a sex machine. And I guess Luke helped a bit. We all now have plenty of time to recover before the epicness that is BushRAVE later in the year. If you missed out then guts for you. 
Also sorry we don't have any photos yet. No one can find Marc and his gigantic camera.

Coming Up this week...

The current fine weather plan is the Dundas Loop. This will be a medium fit tip leaving Friday night. A poor weather option looks more likely.
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