Topographic maps:

NZ Topomaps

WAMS (best aerial photography)

Maps from DOC

Maps past


( for mobile phone and google earth for impressing people)

Track information:

DOC - or call / inquire within visitor centre

Greater Wellington Parks/walkways

Te Araroa

(look for distance, altitude, vegetation, track conditions, river/alpine travel and determine required skills and whether trip is desirable/suitable for group / weather-conditions / time budget)

Trip databases, blogs / /

Old VUWTC website:

Wilderness Magazine, Heels (our annual publications), Get inspiration from hut book entries.

Ask people and search for other tramping (club) trip reports (aka ask google!)

Time estimates:

  • driving time: see

  • tramping Trip times: From track info / trip reports (be aware of intended audience).

FMC Safety in the Mountains for tramping times (page 3):

  • Time to leave hut after getting up 1.5 hr

  • Time to leave camp after getting up 2 hr

  • Well formed tracks 4-6 km / hr

  • Well-formed tracks with children/picture taking 2-3 km / hr

  • Tramping tracks 2-3 km / hr

  • Off-track, open bush 1-3 km / hr

  • Off-track, scrub 100m - 400 m / hr

  • Off-track, rugged country 6-10 km / day

  • Climbing on tracks, or open country Add 1hr per 300-350m of height gain

  • Descent, open country 300-600m height / hr





River Flow (mainly Tararuas):

Wellington, Wairarapa:


Avalanche Advisory/Forecast:

If you're heading to the mountains (South Island / central North Island) during the winter, it's essential to check this.

Food, Gear, Fitness & Skill



Fitness Scales:

Skill level:

Navigation required? River Crossing Skills? Experience with adverse conditions?

Will everyone need the skills or do you have skilled party members/leader?

Tramping: walking and scramble only. (Mt Cook system: Grade 2)

Alpine scale: (e.g. Mt Cook system)

Cost Estimates:

(yes, these dependent on taste and time of year!)

-  Dinner: $5 per person

- Breakfast: $2ish Per Person

- Booze: don’t ask…

-  Fuel: $2 to $2.4 per litre – 1 l per 10 km (depending on load, hills, driving style)

-  DOC hut (standard $5 or serviced $15 per night), annual pass (87NZD with FMC discount)

-  Rental Cars: $20 – $40 per day, see ACE or Omega