Have you ever felt the uncontrollable urge to sing loudly while tramping? We know that feeling well. 

Folk songs were once something that everyone knew. It's less common nowadays, so let's change that! Choose a song you like, and learn the lyrics so you can sing it around the next campfire or hut lantern. 

We tracked down a copy of a rare 1968 album called Bush Singalong, a terrific collection of folk songs of New Zealand trampers, hunters, and mountaineers. We're in the process of uploading recordings from the album with lyrics below. Now it's up to you to learn them!

  1. O-Li-Vi / Aidal-O-Boy
  2. Big Sandfly
  3. The Brew Song
  4. A Good Keen Man
  5. The Bushman's Lament
  6. Me Old Mate
  7. The Golden Antlered Stag
  8. No Boots
  9. Don't you think it Looks Peculiar
  10. Ro-Tiddly-O
  11. Anna Hooch
  12. Riding Down to Marry
  13. The Ragwort Song
  14. The Bottle that Never Runs Dry
  15. Tararua Ranges
  16. A Good Keen Girl
  17. Snows on the Mountains