Baaa! - 3/8/2016

Yeah. Sheep. Woooooo! 
Snow. Winter. Exciting!

Avalanche Awareness Evenings in August at Bivouac Stores
4 evenings across the country when you can understand the destructive power of avalanches, when and why they happen, and how you can safely have fun in the mountains and avoid danger. Read more

There is a charge of 5NZD, might be worth while.

Be safe in the snow
The VUWTC Committee

In Case You Missed It!

The meeting was called to the attention by Gandalf nodding in approval to the energetic tones of Epic Sax Guy. There was a slightly aggressive, though very needed, talk from our president about gear and correct hut etiquette followed by a much more pleasant strip tease. Also by our president. For more info about the former check out the gear section on our website (link at the bottom of the page).

Things That Happened

I went on a run. Kinda. We planned to go on a heinous suffer fest. Then we got to the road end and there was kinda a hill. Jordan still went on a heinous suffer fest but the rest of us decided to be a whole lot more relaxed about things. It was still trail running, you can tell because we didn't look at any of the views, but just without pain. After we got out from the drizzle we ate cheese toasties. It was really nice. 
Midwinter Christmas

The planned route for Midwinter Christmas involved drowning and so the plan was changed. In order to avoid the rain and the subsequent rising river a diversion was planned. Instead of heading into the Orongorongo River Valley they headed up into the VUWTC standard. With a rather relaxed couple of hour walk into Atiwhakatu Hut the eating and partying commenced. Apparently Micheal whipped up some magic with fish and there were large quantities of banngers and bacon consumed as well. We know a good time was had because they were told to shut up three times. And as we know three is the magic scientific number. Therefore it is scientific proof that an awesome (if incredibly inconsiderate) time was had.  

Coming Up this week

With a rather large portion of the our club leaders heading away on an avalanche course this weekend our only trip we have running is a day trip on either Saturday or Sunday. This will be in Zealandia which is a pretty awesome place. This is being taken by Andrew who works at Zealandia and so may be able to wrangle a discount.
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