Baaa! - 4/5/2016

As devastated as I am sure you all were by the lack of Baaaa! last week do not cry, we are back. We appreciate your understanding of the fact that during the uni break we are based out of a pub and I value my laptop too much to have it around the flimsy tables and unstable beers at the Welsh Dragon. This did not mean that trips didn't happen for they did. The buzz this week is of course BushBall 2016 even though it is not till next week. Even so, time to get excited about that and everything else that is going on.

Hope to see you in the bush this weekend,
The VUWTC Committee

In Case You Missed It!

Much to Dom's pleasure there was a blessed release from smooth jazz this week. It was in fact replaced by Persian Funk. Much, much better. He took advantage of the change in ambiance to tell us a wee story about his 5 year attempt to bag every hut in the Tararuas. After 5 years of questing he has finally only got two more huts left to visit and hopes that some of us will join him for the final two, Burn Hut and Dundas Hut.

Simon continued our tradition of advertising things that have absolutely nothing to do with the club by plugging a showing of The Room. A cult classic that is commonly described as the best worst film ever. I would describe it as just the worst film ever. But then I haven't actually seen it, and don't plan to. However many people seem to have a great time at its interactive showing which involves throwing spoons at the screen amount other exciting things. So if that sounds like your kind of thing why not go along? You might have a blast.

Last Weekends Adventures

Mid King Bivvy

The countdown is nearly at an end. Number three is done. Another one bites the dust. That's right, over the weekend Mid King Bivvy was ticked of the list of Dom's huts to visit. It was a very quiet trip which I am sure allowed for some of the gorgeous sounds of nature to trickle into the ears of the participants. Boulders were scrambled over in rivers, drooping goblin forest was admired, and the very orange,and very small, Mid King Bivvy was reached. All in all, a success. 


Over the break Von attempted to reach the 3 peaks of Tongariro Forest Park in 3 days. I don't know much about this trip but I do believe they only made two of the peaks. If you want to see how well a trip report can be written based just on some Facebook photos then read on.
Whakapapa ski field on the rocky slopes of the volcanic Ruapehu looks very different without snow and I am sure Von and the team gained a new appreciation for the motionless chairlift overhead as they slogged their way up to the crater. While the weather was gorgeously sunny the beginnings of winter were in the air as everyone was wrapped up warm when they finally encounter their first patch of, very dirty, snow up by the crater. After Enjoying a summit at the summit it was time to head back down just in time to witness a incredible hazy gold sunset. Some very majestic poses were struck and there was some rather inspired photography from Vil. I am not sure if he is really good at it or just took so many that some were bound to turn out good. Either way he took some real stunners and I highly recommend you check them out.

Coming Up this week 
And Coming up Next week -BUSHBALL

This weekend is Ruahines weekend. The Ruahines are a mountain range slightly north of the Tararuas. All fitness levels are welcome as the trip will be built to suit. We will be leaving Friday night and returning Sunday night. Cost will be ~$42-$60.
Once again, on the 14th of May, we at Victoria University of Wellington Tramping Club (VUWTC) come together to pilgrimage to one of the most sacred sites in the Tararuas- Smithus Greek Altar. Here we will spend a night in devotion to wild dancing, excessive partying, $iiiiiccccck beats, and general debauchery and good times. To celebrate Bush Balls of days long past, the theme is Ancient Bush/Classical! Come as your favorite ancient deity or demi-deity! Come as your favorite ancient ruler! Or your favorite mythological creature! Or even take the theme too literally and come as an ancient bush!

Tickets cost $30 (this covers your transport and the costs for us to set up the party etc), and can bought from one of our weekly meetings on Tuesday nights at 7pm in Student Union building room 217 up at Vic Uni. If you can't make the meeting but are still very keen holla at us and we may be able to sort something out for you.
If you are keen for just a day walk on Saturday and would like a chill time then this is the walk for you. There is a newish walk on the Kapati coast, the Paekakariki Escarpment Track. They rate it as intermediate which I am going to translate as a E/ME depending on how fast we want to go. It is 10k one way and depending on pace I am allowing 4-6 hours to complete the return. It apparently has gorgeous views of the coast and Kapati Island. If you want more info on the track then click here. -Luke
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