Baaa! - 26/7/2016

Welcome back to the new semester for those who are just joining us, and those who have been back a while already, don't fret, we have some awesome trips coming your way. The semester calendar should be up and published very soon indeed, if it's not already at time of writing. We've got Midwinter Christmas going away this weekend, which is going be be awesome fun, so I hope a good number of you end up making it. I'll cut the fluff for now and get into the good stuff. 

Happy Tramping,

Things we done did...
Over the weekend, a few of our fearless leaders went on an Avalanche Awareness Course up at Mount Ruapehu, in order to make them even more fearless, even in the face of big scary things like thousands of pounds of snow tearing down a hill at them. According to Max, they were having so much fun they even forgot to take photos. A likely story, I'm sure...
Nevertheless, we now have a host of people who are just that little bit more prepared for everything the outdoors can throw at them, which is pretty awesome.
Viljami and Patrick went on an awesome midweek jaunt up to Mount Holdsworth on Wednesday night. They climbed a couple of hours up to Powell Hut from the Holdsworth car park, and got a nice relaxed start in the morning at 9:30 or so, followed by a run/jog back down to the car park and a hasty drive back to Welly, since both of them had to make it back in time for an afternoon lecture. 

Good keen men right there.
A beautiful photo from Mt Holdsworth on Thursday - There's even more snow than most of the Midwinter trips saw!!
Things we gonna get done did...
This weekend we have the very awesome Midwinter Christmas. As you may already know, this is just a rocking awesome Christmas party in the middle of winter. It's just our antipodean way of making up for having to celebrate actual Christmas in the summer, with beaches and barbecues, and long summer tramps...
Anyway, we'll be heading into the Orongorongos to Waerenga Hut, which TTC have kindly hired us for the night. Bring your fanciest feast, your favourite beverage, and your dankest memes. Cost will be $20, which will cover food, petrol, and accommodation for everyone. If you haven't yet signed up, and think this sound like your thing, click the signup link below, but make sure you do so before 11:59pm Wednesday, else you might miss out.
Dom talked briefly about AIC2, coming up in about a months time. This is a great opportunity for you to learn some winter tramping skills if it's all new to you, or to expand on your knowledge base if you're a seasoned veteran. Preliminary cost is around $50, and Dom will have a signup form on the facebook page very soon.
Wellington Walk Fest!!

Alex gave us a stunning presentation on the benefits of Wellington Walk Fest. This week everyone is headed to Miramar to see some awesome bunkers and stuff like that. I've never really been on one of these so I can't say much about the antics that go on, but I've heard that it's always pretty awesome. If you want to participate, get in touch and let us know!
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