Baaa! - 24/5/2016

Greetings an salutations to you all. For all those too scared of geeting a little soggy to come to the meeting you sure missed out. Missed out an a pretty decent but not excessively awesome meeting. Yeah, don't you have egg all over your face huh? Any way, if you want to make up for this transgression the you can. This weekend. Because it is going to be wetter than a cow on the west coast.

Hope to see you by the fire,
The VUWTC Committee

In Case You Missed It!

As as been mentioned over the last couple meetings the entire reason for the Tramping Clubs existence is Midwinter. Midwinter is great. Unfortunately you need to go to the Better Island (formerly the Middle Island (currently the South Island))to do this, and as Dom pointed out this costs money. If you have spent all your money on alcohol, as all good students should, and are now huddling against the Southerlies with nothing more for protection than the insulated piece of plywood you call a wall because you can't afford a heater then why not huddle in the bush. At least they have huts with fires. There are all sorts of great options as alternatives to the Better Island, Taranaki (see photo below), Tongariro National Park (which has a couple of options), the Ruahines (which are gorgeous), and our own stomping grounds, the Tararuas. Believe it or not but it does stop raining in the Tararuas sometimes and you can end up with plenty of snow. So if you want to have a Midwinter on a budget then the North is open for you. Cheers Dom.

For the first time in a while we are aiming to have t-shirts before the end of the year!
There will be a button somewhere (below) linking you to the google form where you get to decide what you want the tees to look like. You have two design options, and four colour options. We will print the design option with the most votes, and two colour options with the most votes. Numbers will be according to how many people chose which. Timing-wise we will let you know closer to printing time when they will be ready. Once they are all printed we will be bringing them to meetings for you to buy. This should be at the latest in the first couple of weeks of next trimester.

Last Weekends Adventures

While the Tramping Club did go for a stroll over the weekend it wasn't hugely exciting. What was exciting is what Kieran has been up to. Kieran also likes adventuring in winter but he finds the South Island far too cheap. So instead he went to Europe. Apparently the Pyrenees are pretty cool. Instead of our small bush huts they have huge lodges with blankets and meals supplied and just general lavishness.
Unfortunately these cost about €50, fortunately they are closed in winter. I know, I know, this doesn't sound much like a 'fortunately' but it is. Because when they are closed you can sleep in small lean-tos at them for free. There were many different walks that were had. Starting, as all tramps seem to in Europe, through road tunnels and then graduating to tunnels through the sides of very sheer cliffs, and not forgetting the tunnels with signs warning about the danger of flash floods. Signs that were ignored as it had already been raining for two days. A very enjoyable trip all up and it is recommended that leave uni, get a real job, and save up money to on exciting adventures overseas before coming back and realising how great New Zealand is.

Coming Up this week

It is cold and wet and sad and no one wants to go outside except for Dom, who cant because he has to go over the ocean, and Achim who is planning a day walk. This day walk of his will probably go up on the facebook page at some point. Keep a weather eye.

For all those who were excitied about Cocktails at Kime sorry, but no.
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