Baaa! - 22/3/2016

Here's your weekly Baaa! with all the tramping news you might have missed. We hope everyone has big tramping or climbing plans for the Easter break. Meeting next week is at the Welsh Dragon Bar between Kent and Cambridge Terraces. Hopefully We'll see you all there.

Happy Easter,

The VUWTC Committee

In Case You Missed It!

Some great stories were shared about antics at tramps. Our Social Officer was told about what he did and how he received a few wounds. There were many thanks and rounds of applause given to Max for being a delightful and understanding host. Also to the small few who came round in the morning to help clean up and Harrison who provided a car to transport rubbish.

Vil stepped up to give us a we talk about safty and risk managment. He ran through the importance of undertanding the risks of the situation and preparing appropreatly. Even having understood the risks at the beggining you must constantly be evalutating the situation as you go as situations change. You must always be readiy to stop and and change your plans and never be afraid to back out. It isn't being a wimp, it is being not dead... And always remember the safty code: DSP

Things That Happened

30 odd people head out to Baring Head. Plenty of bouldering in some superb weather. There were some great times up some top ropes and everyone got sent over a hanging rock abseil which is always great. As always it was great to get some new people climbing and we hope to see them all again getting up some cliffs.

North Ohau
On Sunday our esteemed President Dom reduced the list huts in the Tararuas he hasn't visited by one leaving only four to go. (Participants) had a great time walking across some very hot farm lands before they got to the river which enabled them to cool off. Dom then, as per norm, got very excited about spiders and we heard nothing more about the tramp. But I am sure it was nice.

Coming Up this week

Mungahuka - Dom
Medium Fit/Medium
Visiting the crown jewel of the Tararuas, will be seeing great sights, walking through forests and over mountain tops. Will be a 3 or 4 day trip depending on the people interested. Rad times will be had. I would write a haiku about it but i'm not really a fan of them.
Mt Taranaki - Luke
I have a mind to head up over Mt Taranaki this Easter. Taranaki for those of you who don't know is a very pictures perfect cone Volcano. Bing it... The plan will be to either leave on Friday morning and get back Saturday night or to leave on Thursday night still returning on Saturday. Once I have heard back from syou all I will talk to Josh who lives and breathes Taranaki and tailor something specifically to our needs. The goal is the summit to drink a Summit!
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