Baaa! - 13/4/2016

Hello folks, the days are shortening and the time until the entire Te Ika Maui is raised by 2000m in altitude and becomes covered in blue water ice is counting down. Trampers have been seen as far afield as Petone huddling around around camp fired and discussing celeb gossip from the 1950's. The success of Bushcraft was Magestical. For once.

See you all again next Tuesday. ILY <3

The VUWTC Committee

In Case You Missed It!

The preschool teacher Max clapped us in to this meeting in style before beginning the lengthy procedure of introducing all those wankers who say they are in charge. In tribute to Arlen, who has left the already great New Zealand and headed home to the place that Trump is going to make great again, we unveiled the New Website that he and Vil were instrumental in creating. It is up being hosted at so why not go and check it out?

Vil introduced us to a new game that was inspired by a trip to Cone Hut over the weekend at which there was a cone. That we took there. Because we are cool like that. The cone remains at Cone Hut and the aim of the game is for the Cone to visit as many huts in the Tararuas as possible in the year of 2016. All participants must note down on The Cone with a sharpie where and when they took it from and where and when they abandoned it. This will be kept up to date on either the VUWTC forums or on a facebook page somewhere. Long Live The CONE!
Wow. A lot of things happened at the meeting this week. Dom talked at length about a magestical band known as the Beards. This was followed up by the VUWTC Big Bushy Beard quiz. The fantastic winner of the knit your own beard kit was the gorgeous vessel of beard knowledge Abi!

Last Weekends Adventures

A slightly smaller than standard trip went away on Friday night. Leaving after work food was collected on the way at the classic stop, the Petone Pack n' Save. After this and all the time it took us to sort our lives out the four of us set off on our 3 hour walk at about 10:30pm. Two hours of delightful night tramping later us and the road cone we were carrying arrived at the 2nd oldest hut in the Tararuas. Upon finding it full of hunters and a dead deer hanging from a tree we promptly sat down at the outside table for a starlight, midnight fest. A spare tent was kindly donated by the hunters in exchange for which we shared our craft beers. With our sleeping arrangements sorted, split between the tent and under the table, we got some delightfully satisfying shuteye. The next day we were out in time for Arlen to get his 6:00pm flight and for the rest of us to get a nap befor heading out that night.


So Bushcraft went away over the weekend. It is an annual/biannual trip that we run on which everyone gets to learn all sorts of bush skills. This year we covered the following:

Route planning
First aid
Hut/tramping etiquette
Bush bashing
Setting up flys
River crossings  

These are pretty handy things to know in the bush. In fact some are a down right necessity for all but the most avid piker. Hopefully all those who participated will be using there new found skills to be leading their own trips in no time.


Coming Up this week

Max's last minute trip. The plan is to start at Mt Holdsworth Road End, then make our way along Atiwhakatu track towards Jumbo Hut. When we get there depending on how tired people are we’ll drop our packs and explore the ridge past there. Should be fun. Right now we only have one car so if you’re willing to drive out there more people can come! Just mention it in the form linked below. Leaving Saturday morning (probably 8-9am) then coming back Sunday evening.
Ivan is aving a trip going away this weekend for which there was very little information given. Between the mumbles it seems that he is planning on leaving on Saturday morning to do some advanced stuff up Ruapahu.
This week we have something that is borderline more important than tramping coming up. The Wellington segment of the Beards farewell tour is taking place this Friday! Beloved Aussie beard-rock band The Beards have declared that they will be calling an end to their hard-touring ways and have announced a huge Farewell Tour for 2016. The Beards, who famously only ever perform songs about one topic, will be performing this Friday at 8:00pm at Bodega. And apparently we are doing their marketing for them.

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