Baaa! - 10/5/2016

Welcome to another week. Another VUWTC meeting. Another hastily scrambled together newsletter by me. Sorry if it is a bit short this week but I am going to see a movie after the meeting. Jungle Book. I will let you know how it went next week if I survive bush ball. Yes, that is right. Bush ball this week. We are taking a break from our usual mixture of serious tramping and climbing and tomfoolery. Instead we are embracing just the tomfoolery and reveling in BUSH BALL! CLASSIC BUSH! 

Hope to see you in the bush (ball) this weekend,
Most of the VUWTC Committee

In Case You Missed It!

We kicked off the meeting this week by being introduced to a brand new member. Ashton is a bright eyed 19 year old from Hawks bay. He now lives in Aro Valley and his favorite color is blue. Welcome to The Club Ashton.

Last Weekends Adventures

I also lead a wee day trip on a section of the Te Araroa Trail. The Paekakariki Escarpment provided some great views of the Kapati Coast and Island even before the weather cleared up. And once it did it was really quite something. No one in our group had a heart attack so I would consider this trip a success. 

Rob left on Saturday morning for a very chill trip very far away. Heading to Sunrise Hutt via the enchanting hollow that is named after buttercups. There was a rather beautiful sunset at sunrise. The crew hid outside under the strats from the nemerous family groups that had taken up rooms in the illustrious Sunrise Hutt. Upon waking the next day to Sunrise's take on the sunrise they righteously ascended Te Atuaoparapara. Having done this a couple of muppets who went by the names Dom and Jordan went on a 10k sufferfest via Top Maropea Hutt. Thats it. It was pretty "Anita on flat ground with a homicide".

Coming Up this week...

There is only one thing happening this weekend because everything else gets dropped (hopefully not on their heads) when Bushball rolls around. It is an absolutely fantastic time and you should all come. Generators, lights, speakers, ingested substances and awesome vibes. Blurb follows.

Once again, on the 14th of May, we at Victoria University of Wellington Tramping Club (VUWTC) come together to pilgrimage to one of the most sacred sites in the Tararuas- Smithus Greek Altar. Here we will spend a night in devotion to wild dancing, excessive partying, $iiiiiccccck beats, and general debauchery and good times. To celebrate Bush Balls of days long past, the theme is Ancient Bush/Classical! Come as your favorite ancient deity or demi-deity! Come as your favorite ancient ruler! Or your favorite mythological creature! Or even take the theme too literally and come as an ancient bush!

Tickets cost $30 (this covers your transport and the costs for us to set up the party etc), and can bought from one of our weekly meetings on Tuesday nights at 7pm in Student Union building room 217 up at Vic Uni. If you can't make the meeting but are still very keen holla at us and we may be able to sort something out for you.
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