Baaa! - 14/10/2016

Baaa! The (mostly) weekly newsletter from VUWTC.
Sorry for our absence the last few weeks. As the year goes on, things get hectic, tramping can become sparse, and typically, life takes us all in strange and wonderful directions. 
This week, we had our Annual General Meeting, which of course means that we celebrate a fine year of tramping, climbing, canyoning, caving, and of course, general revelry and debauchery. 
It also means we congratulate our committee on a job well done over the year, and welcome in a new committee to take us into the 2017 season. It's bittersweet for some, and for others, a cause for a great big sigh of relief. 

A big thank you to all members who attended (even if only for the pizza) and helped us elect our new committee.

All the best for your exams, holidays, and summer. Hopefully lots of trails will be broken, huts bagged, and cliffs topped out.

All the best,

Welcoming our new committee.
It's out with the old, and in with the new. Our new committee does include some old faces, but also a lot of fresh new ones, who will undoubtedly lead us through to a fantastic 2017.

First and foremost, our dear leader and President: Cécile Massiot.

Our Chief Guide and last year's Social Officer: Simon Lind.

Our Assistant Chief Guide, tramper and skier extraordinaire: Sacha Parker

Our new Secretary of Order and German-ness: long time club member Achim Gädke.

Our Co-Treasurers (embezzlement and money-laundering claims unconfirmed): New hire Justin Hurst, and old-hand Kieran Paton.

Our Climbing Officer: The always enthusiastic, and sometimes slightly lost Jordan Kendrick.

Our Conservation Officer: Tree-hugger Tariga Hunt

Our Social Officer: The amazingly energetic and passionate Sam Mythen.

Our Publicity Officers, who may need to wrest this publication from my cold dead hands (I'm drunk on wine, don't judge!): Cushla Smith and Viljami Tervo.

Our Huts Officer: Yours truly, Andrew Glover

A final special mention to our two gear custodians, who have perhaps the most demanding job of all, and often the least coveted. For the first time I can remember, we had two more than willing volunteers for this role, who showed a true passion for what it entails.

A big round of applause to Helen Howell and Abby Sucsy, both new to the club this year, but undoubtedly two ladies who will leave a lasting impression on the club.

If you need to get in touch with us for any reason, our contact details can be found on our website and Facebook page.
Dom bagged his final Tararuas hut the other week. Fantastic work!
Coming up...
We'll have a summer calendar going up in a jiffy, once we get some annoying paperwork out of the way. In the meantime, please join us for our end of year dinner, which will be held at 7pm at Oriental Kingdom, Left Bank Cuba Mall. Here we celebrate an excellent year, and ready ourselves for the next! 2016 T-shirts will be available to those who want them, $20 a piece, limited stock.

Here we also award the billy awards. For those not aware, the billy awards are exactly what they sound like. Beaten up old aluminium billies that you wear on your head, in recognition for fame (or infamy) garnered throughout the year.

The categories are:

Tramper of the Year: Awarded to the tramper who has just done the most awesome tramping, gone out a lot, and just generally been an amazing asset to the club.

Climber of the Year: As above, but for climbing.

Most Promising New Member: This goes to a new member of the club who has shown fantastic enthusiasm, commitment, and drive. Someone who we recognise will continue to make a great impact on the club going forward.

Most Geographically Embarrassed: As the name suggests, this goes to the tramper, or trampers, who have found themselves lost in the most ridiculous manner at some point in the year. The most geographically embarrassed tramper could expect themselves to get lost within 500 metres of a carpark.

Piker of the Year: This award goes to the guy (or gal) who despite all claims to the contrary (honestly, I'm coming on the trip next week) never quite makes it to the car park on the day.